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Stalcup Family History
1 JOHN ANDERSON STALLCOP, was born about 1627 at Strangnas, Sweden.; He arrived at Fort Christina (New Sweden and present Delaware) in 1641 aboard the Charitas from Sweden. He married Christina Johnson about 1656. She was the daughter or Carl Johnson, who arrived at Fort Christina in 1656 on the Mercurius. She was probably of Finnish descent since the passengers on the Mercurius were Finns. It is thought that she married soon after her arriving at Fort Christina. John Anderson Stallcop died about 1684 and his wife, Christina died before 1697 in Delaware. Dates of birth of their children have not been documented for lack of recorded dates of the early colonists. Dates of birth have been estimated from information concerning their activities in later life, such as tax lists, oaths of allegiance, land transactions, census lists and other public records. Information from a land transaction dated 1677 reveals that there were eight children at that time. We have found names of only six and a reference to a seventh, a daughter, whose husband's name is revealed in John Anderson Stalcop's will, written in 1679. Therefore we have assumed that the eighth child was deceased by 1679 when the will was written.
2 Andrew Stallcop b. ca. 1657
3 Carols~(Charles) Stallcop ca. 1658
4 John Stallcop ca. 1660
5 (Daughter) Stallcop ca. 1661
6 Peter Stallcop ca. 1663
7 Mary Stallcop ca. 1664
8 Jonas Stallcop ca. 1666
  • BA. 9 (Unknown) Stallcop ?????? ca. 1668 ???

    PETER STALLCOP, son of John Andesson Stalcop (1) and Christina Johnson, was born about 1663 in Delaware colony. He died before May 1710 in New Castle County, Delaware. He married Catharine Peterson about 1685. She was the daughter of Samuea Peterson and Brita ____. After Peter Stalcop's death she married Lucas Stidham, Sr. a son of Dr. Tymen Stidham. Lucas died on 8 Decembes 1726.
    Peter Stallcop was listed as a tithable living on the north side of Chnistina Cseek in 1687. He had in his possession some 100 acres of land, At the court of Quarter Sessions held at New Castle the month of March 1689, a John Anderson acknowledged a deed of enforcement for 390 acres of land to Peter Stalcop.
    Peter Stallcop made contributions to the Old Swedes' Church. He gave 7 pounds of first subscription money, 14 days work, 5000 ?? for plastering, 5 shillings (for lega1 expenses) 100 feet sawed wood (for minister's home), 5 pounds in 1699 (sett1ements of accounts). He furnished 1/2 sheep for the entertainment held at John Sta1cop's house following Dedication of the Church in 169?
    Names of his children were obtained from his will and from records of Old Swedes' Church.

    20 Christina Stallcop b. 19 April 1686
    21 Brita Stallcop ca.1687-89
    22 John Stallcop ca. 1692
    23 Maria Stallcop February 1696
    24 Andrew Stallcop
    25 Masgaretta Stallcop 1706

    JOHN STALLCOP, son of Peter Stallcop (6) and Catherine Peterson, was born about 1692 in New Castle County, Delaware. He married Maria Morton about 1710. She was the daughter of Mathias Morton and Annika Justis. She was born about 1695 in Ridley, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Date of her death is not known. John died 24 June 1751 and is buried at Old Swedes Church in Wi1mington.

    67 Peter Stallcop b. 1712
    68 Christina Stallc0p 20 Oct. 1714
    69 Matthias Stallcop 26 Sept. 1716
    70 Tobias Stallcop 29 Sept. 1718
    71 Catharine Stallcop 28 Mar. 1721
    72 Ericus Stallcop 15 Aug. 1723
    73 Israe1Stallcop 24 Dec. 1725
    74 Annika Stallcop 12 April 1729
    75 Johan Stallcop 19 Deo. 1733
    76 Andreas Stallcop 27 Jan. 1737

    PETER STALCOP, son of John Stallcop (22) and Maria Morton, was born in 1712 in New Castle County, Delaware. He married Susannah Paulson at Old Swedes Church on 15 December 1737. She was the daughter of Woola (William) Paulson and Elizabeth (Anderson) Colesburg. She was born March 1716 in New Castle County, Delaware. Peter and Susannah raised their family in New Castle County. Peter's Bible record gives July 19, 1768 as date of his death. Date of Susannah's death is not known. At least five of Peter's children went to Orange County, North Carolina in the 1760's.

    126 John Stalcop b. 22 April 1739
    127 William Stalcop 27 May 1741
    128 Tobias Stalcop 1 August 1743
    129 Swithin Stalcop 1745
    130 Rachel Stalcop 1 August 1749
    131 Lydia Stalcop 11 June 1752
    132 Susanna Stalcop 10 August 1754
    134 Peter Stalcop 21 January 1757

    WILLIAM STALCOP, son of Peter Stalcop (67) and Susannah Paulson, was born 27 May 1741 in New Castle County, Delaware. He married on 2 Mar. 1762 at Old Swedes Church, Margarete Anderson. She was the daughter of Peter Anderson and Catherine Loinan or Lynam. She was born in Delaware, William Stalcop came, with his brothers, to Orange County, North Carolina before 1768. He served as Private Soldier in the American Revolution and for his service he received a grant of 357 acres which was located in present Trousdale County, Tenn. He sold his land in Orange County 1796 and moved to his home, later called Stalcup's Hill in present Trousdale County, Tenn. He obtained the above land grant in 1787. William died in 1819 and is buried in the Stalcup Cemetery which is located on a part of his original grant. Margaret died ca. 1839 and is also buried in the Stalcup Cemetary.She was born 12 May 1745. She and 8 children listed in will of ????

    Smith Co., Tennessee - Will Book #4, p.296

    In the name of GOD AMEN.
    I, William Stalcup, of the County of Smith and State of Tennessee, being infirm in body, but of sound mind and memory do make this my Last Will & Testament (viz.)
    1st. - That my body be decently buried ; 2nd.- That all my just debts be paid; 3rd. - I give my granddaughter, Margaret Stalcup, one Negro girl named Liz ; 4th - It is my Will that all my property not otherwise disposed of in this, my Will, be given to my beloved wife Margaret Stalcup, during her life, and what remains at her death to be equally divided between my children (to wit): Peter Stalcup, John Stalcup, Isaac Stalcup, William Stalcup, Caty Martin, Peggy Ausburn, Eli Stalcup and Samuel Stalcup.

    Lastly, I appoint my wife, Margaret Stalcup, and John Bradley the Executors of this my Last Will and Testament, signed in the presence of us this 22nd of November 1815.

    William Stalcup

    Test: John Shelton
    Robert Jackson
    James Cartwright

    ( Proved in Smith County, Tennessee court on March 1, 1819.) Will BOOK - SMITH COUNTY - page 298.) He died in February 1819 in Trousdale Co., TN. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:Will Filed] [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:Personal Property] INVENTORY of WILLIAM STALCUP, Deceased - Will Book # 4
    One Negro man, Miles; one Nrgro woman, Betty; one Negro boy, Jim; one Negro girl, Pussy; one Negro boy, Davy; two beds and furniture; five chairs; six pewter plates and coffee pot; two pewter dishes; one cotton wheel and flax wheel; one kittle;two pots and two ovens; two horses; two cows and calves; two heifers; two plows and two clevises; double tree and log chain; mattock and three hoes; one pot rack; four sows and seven shoats; three axes and iron wedge; flesh fork and ladle.
    Signed: John Bradley
    Margaret Stalcup He was buried in Stalcup Cemetery, Smith Co., TN. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:Land] Received land grant in Tennessee for Revolutionary War service - 357acres in Goose Creek in 1786. Land grant was # 518 of 872 - DavidsonCounty, Tennessee per "NC Land Grants in TN, 1778-1791" (1990) G. F.Burgner [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:Head Stone] William served in the military He served as a private in the American Revolution. Parents: Peter STALCOP and Susannah PAULSON.

    Spouse: Margarete ANDERSON. Margarete ANDERSON and William STALCOP were married on 2 March 1762 in Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware. Children were: Peter STALCOP, Isaac STALCUP, John STALCUP, William STALCUP, Margaret (Peggy) STALCUP, Caty STALCUP, Samuel STALCUP, Eli STALCUP.


    Stalcup Headstone

    The Stalcup Cemetery is located near the intersection of Hwy 25E and Hwy 10 on the Carthage Road. Of particular interest is the Stalcup Memorial Monument erected in 1972. Adjacent to the white section is a large Afro-American cemetery. There are several burials marked by fieldstones or no markers at all. This cemetery is active. 36-22-87N 86-06-90W Listed in Cemeteries of Trousdale County Tennessee, beginning on p. 99.

    ------------------------Headstone text----------------------- IN MEMORY OF ALL STALLCUPS BURIED HERE.

    195 Peter Stalcup b. 29 Sept. 1763
    196 Isaac stalcup 12 Oct. 1765
    197 John Stalcup _ ca. 1766
    198 Samuel stalcup 1770
    199 Eli Stalcup ca. 1772
    200 William Stalcup, Jr. 4 June 1767
    201 Caty Stalcup
    202 Margaret (Peggy) Stalcup

    JOHN STALCUP, son of William Stalcup (127) and Margarete Anderson was born about 1766 probably in New Castle County, Delaware. According to family tradition John married Mary Gates. No record of her birth date or place of birth has been found. Very little is known from record about John. He owned apart of the original tract of land that his father owned in Orange County, North Carolina. This fact was mentioned in the deed of 1796 to Joseph Ming from William Stalcup, Sr. He was mentioned in the settlement of his father's estate in 1819. He also was thought to have lived in Smith or Sumner County Tennesee, prior to his removal to Orange County Indiana, but no actual record of his living there has been found. No record of him has been found in Orange County, Indiana, but we have found record of all the children, with exception of one, that have been listed in John's family by family members and other researchers. Their names come from census, marriages and other public records but we can't be absolutely sure of their identity. They have been placed in the family since they do not belong in any of the other families in the area. Perhaps someone will eventually find records to document our findings.

    399 Samuel Stalcup b. l0 June 1794
    400 William Stalcup
    401 John Stalcup 1803
    402 Peter Stalcup
    403 Thomas Ruell Stalcup
    404 Ruth Stalcup
    405 Charity Stalcup 1804
    406 Phebe Stalcup 1812
    406A. Elizabeth Stalcup 6 March 1816

    THOMAS RUELL STALCUP, son of John Stalcup (197) and Mary Gates, was born on place unknown. He died about 1852 probably in Putnam County Missouri. He married Elizabeth Maxwell Perry, time and place unknown. Date and place of her birth unknown. She probably died after 1850 in Missouri. The family moved from Orange County, Indiana to Putnam County, Missouri. They were living in Missouri in 1852. Names of children came from census records, Jack Stalcup, a family representative and from L. D. Stallcup research. Members of this family later moved to Kansas, some lived around Belle Plains.

    1010 Mary Jane Stalcup
    1011 Usher Jones Stalcup _ - September 1831
    1012 Rebecca Stalcup
    1013 Perry Lewis Stalcup b. 1834
    1014 Sarah Anne Stalcup
    1015 Horatio Gates Sta1cup July 1841
    1016 John Henry Stalcup
    1017 Winfield Scott Stalcup February 1852

    USHER JONES STALCUP, son of Thomas Ruell Stalcup (403) and Elizabeth Maxwell Perry, was born 11 September 1831 in Indiana. He died on 8 February 1908, likely Wyoming. He married Melvina Priest before 1852, place unknown. Time and place of her birth and death unknown. Usher married a second wife, Mary Elizabeth Cason, 3 April 1866 in Putnam County Missouri. She was born on 11 November 1847 in Putnam County Missouri. She died on 1 January l892, place unknown. Usher Jones married a third time before 1898 to Joanna Schneider. She was born in June 1875 in Connecticut. No record of her death. Family record compiled from various census reports for Wyoming and Nebraska, L. D. Stallcup research, and from various family representatives. Usher was a blacksmith for a short time in Densmore Kansas. He is reported serving in Company E of the 22 Iowa Volunteer Infantry as a corporal and taken prisoner with his brother Horatio by rebel forces during the battles of Winchester Virginia on 19 September 1864.

    (By first marriage to Melvina Priest)
    2480 Thomas Perry Stalcup 27 November 1852
    2481 Lillian Gertrude "Mary Eva" Stalcup 13 January 1856
    2482 Caroline Stalcup
    2483 William Rainford Stalcup September 1857
    2484 Effie Jane Stalcup 9 April 1859

    (By second marriage to Mary Elizabeth Cason)
    2485. Frank Woodford Stalcup July 1867
    2486. Samuel Robertfstaleup January 1871
    2487. Elmer Theodor Stalcup 9 July 1874
    2488. Ruel Homer Stalcup 6 March 1876
    2489. General U. S. Grant Stalcup 31 October 1878
    2490. Claude Stalcup
    2491. Morgan Stalcup
    (See page 15 of Appendix B)

    (By third marriage to Jammu Scshn??)
    2492. George E. Stalcup. . b. 2129 July,1900
    2493. Oleta Manila Stalcup July 1898

    RUEL HOMER STALCUP, son of Usher Jones Stalcup (1011) and Mary Elizabeth Cason. was born on 6 March 1876 in Charaton, Missou:i. He died on 14 Nevember 1952 at Lincoln, Nebraska. He married Lela Nena Barton on 4 July 1903 at Arvada, Wyoming. She was born on May 1887 in Nebraska and died on 22 May 1981 at Lincoln, Nebraska. She was the daughter of of Robinson W. Barton and ________. Ruel H. and his wife are buried in Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetary at Lincoln, Nebraska. Family record furnished by Mrs. Marvel Stalcup and Everette Stalcup, family representatives. Grandpa and grandma honeymooned in Yellowstone National Park. Grandpa was a cowboy and a railroad engineer and later sold insurance for American General Insurance Co. in the sand hills of Nebraska and the Dakotas. When he was home he always listened to the news each evening by Gabrial Heater.

    4604. Everette Vere Stalcup 5 September 1905
    4605. Clarence Leland Stalcup 25 November 1907
    4606. Carroll Ruel Stalcup 27 January 27 1912 Died March 26 1962
    4607. John Homer Stalcup 21 November 1913
    4608. Constance Elizabeth Stalcup 14 March 1917

    grandpa's family'

    Left to right Carroll, Clarence (Ike), Grandma, John, Grandpa, Vere

    CARROLL RUEL STALCUP, son of Ruel Homer Stalcup (2488) and Lela Mena Barton, was born on 27 January 1912 in Wyoming. He was buried 9 March 1962 in Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery at Lincoln, Nebraska. He married Jewel McJunkim. His second wife was Elizabeth ______. Family record furnishod by Mrs. Marvel Stalcup.

    (By first marriage to Jewel McJunkin)
    6916Marvel Carroll Stalcup 30 December 1931
    6917 Glenna June Stalcup 11 June 1933

    Marvel C. STALCUP, son of Carroll R. Stalcup (4606) and Jewell McJunkin, was born on 30 December 1931 at Mandon, North Dakota. He married first wife Lorraine Espinola in 1955 and divorced in 1962, married Dorothea Hatch in 1963 and had five children. Dorothea died in 1977. Married Firuse Seghatoleslami in 1978 and adopted her daughter. Firuse died October 8, 2019.

    (By wife Dorothea Hatch)
    6916A Elizabeth J. Stalcup Jan. 31,1965
    6916B John C. Stalcup Nov. 9,1966
    6916C Mary Stalcup Aug 14,1968
    6916D Thomas F. Stalcup January 31,1970
    6916E Amy J. Stalcup Nov 10,1975

    (Adopted from wife Firuse Seghatoleslami)
    Roxanna N. Stalcup Feb 8,1974